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Dear Parents and Carers 

Welcome to the end of Term 3 and the beginning of Spring, the best time in Toowoomba!

The last two weeks of term have seen a number of events occur around the school particularly our Mercy Day and Grandparents Day, Child Protection week and our final assembly where we acknowledge our Cornerstone award recipients and Encouragement awards.

During Child protection week, the focus was on “Where we start matters” and encouraging all students wo identify five people on their safety hand who they can contact if they feel unsafe. Thank you to community services such as Act4Kids and Mercy Services for coming and sharing this message with the students in Year 2s and 3s. A reminder that all students are able to access the online form to report Bullying via the student intranet. Every child has the right to feel safe.

Our Mini Vinnies and Service Councillors, Ciarah and Charlotte along with the Yr 6 Service learning group have been collecting winter woollies for this year’s St Vincent de Paul Winter appeal. Thankyou to everyone who donated. Thank you for your support!


It was so special to have so many of our older community members with us on Thursday to celebrate our first Mercy Day starting our day with our whole school Mass at the Cathedral with Fr Michael. The special message of welcoming and including everyone to your ‘table’ was a very important takeaway that Fr Michael shared with us this morning. Talk to your child about how the Bluey puzzle was relevant – what was the final picture? What does that mean for us? We too can be like Catherine McAuley and welcome others into our lives by showing compassion and mercy. Thank you to everyone who took part and celebrated Mass with us. Thank you to the Grandparents who came to Mass and visited our school today. You hold such a special place in our school community and we loved having you here to share in our open classrooms. We hope you had a great morning. Thank you for all you do for us and thank you for taking the opportunity to be with your beautiful grandchildren on Thursday. We hope you get to enjoy some more time with them over the holidays. So many wonderful photos have been posted on the socials and a gallery of images are available for you to see below.  

Congratulations to all our Cornerstone and Encouragement award recipients at our final assembly on Friday morning. It is always such a privilege to acknowledge the hard work, effort and celebration of our school values in action through our students here at SSPS.


I hope you get the chance to relax and enjoy the sunshine with your families over the holidays. We look forward to seeing you all to begin Term 4 on Tuesday 3rd October.

Ann-Maree Ward


Year Four Touch Football Gala Day

Year Four students competed against other Catholic schools in Touch Football this week. All students are to be commended on their sportsmanship and the way they represented St Saviour’s Primary on the day. Everyone played with spirit and determination with lots of fun had by all teams (pictures attached).

Friday Sport

Friday sport wrapped up for the term and what a successful term of sport it was. Students participated in either Netball, Soccer or Rugby League with many students playing these sports for the first time. Feedback from the students has been extremely positive with students having an awesome time playing against other schools, working as a team and forging new friendships (picture attached).


Weekly Sport Stars

Kenn Corpuz competed in the Toowoomba Basketball Association Cup finals last month playing for Grey Runnin Rebels U11 with his team coming second overall. Kenn was also awarded first team All Star Five for the Runnin' Rebels Supercamp Cup 2023 U11 (pictures attached).

Sia Luck, Eve Phillips and Zoe Giles won their netball grand final over the weekend playing for Saints. The girls had an awesome game playing with heart and determination. Congratulations girls (picture attached).


Jacqui Schick's first-time entry into the Team Penning at OAKEY AGRICULTURAL PASTORAL & RODEO SOCIETY INC, held on 26.8.2023.  Unfortunately, even with 2 runs, no time was awarded due to a technicality however Jacqui's horsemanship skills as a young rider were impressive. Well done Jacqui.

Zone and Darling Downs Trials

All Zone and Darling Downs trials will be placed on Parent Portal. Please check Parent Portal regularly or set up notifications on your phone if you wish for your child to be eligible to trial for Zone and Darling Downs sporting teams as you will be required to obtain paperwork from myself. I am unable to nominate students after the closing date so please make sure you do keep an eye on Parent Portal. Any questions, please contact me at


Brendan Luck

HPE Teacher



Dear Parents and Carers,

What a success STEM has been in our school this term! Our Junior STEM Academy kicked off with support from our Prep teachers and wonderful parent volunteers– Kristie Skuse and Phill Goodsell.  Our participants enjoyed working on various STEM challenges relating to science, technology, engineering, and maths.  Some of our activities included – designing different paper aeroplane models and measuring how far they could fly, working with electricity circuits, designing ramps with a jump for toy cars, marble mazes, designing carparks and so much more. 

This term the Year Four, Five and Six students who attended STEM Academy have been further exploring the concepts of 3D Design and Printing, putting into practice their learner qualities of Being Adventurous and Being Collaborative. Students culminated the term with a 3D design challenge of creating a "Treasure Chest" for a fictional character and filling it with awesome pieces of treasure that their characters would like or need.  The resulting designs were AMAZING! Congratulations to all the students and especially Ella who was voted the winner of the design challenge by her STEM Academy peers! 

STEM in our school was again celebrated with our Grandparent’s yesterday in our classrooms. Many of our classes were able to showcase several different aspects of STEM, which the Grandparent’s thoroughly enjoyed!

We look forward to continuing our STEM learning in Term 4!

Happy Holidays,

Bec Thomas

Junior Stem Coordinator

Acting Middle Leader

Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, I would to thank those of you who have taken the time to congratulate me on being appointed the Principal of St Saviour's Primary School.  I am honoured to take on this role and do so following in the footsteps of several inspirational leaders - most notably Ms Madonna Sleba and Mrs Donna Muir who have both led the school during the last ten years.

Catholic Education has always had an impact on my life having attended Catholic schools in both primary and secondary school and completing post graduate study through ACU.  I do believe that a Catholic school is a school where Jesus is present, where faith is present, and the education of the whole child is paramount. Students who are educated in a distinctly Catholic School feel that they are valued, feel like they belong and feel that they can achieve success.  I feel that the above perfectly describes St Saviour's Primary School.  

After beginning my teaching career at St Mary's in Warwick, I have had the privledge of working at St Saviour's Primary since 2010.  During this time I have held the positions of classroom teacher, physical education teacher, senior middle leader, assistant principal for the last 5 years and now as principal.  Before my teaching stint in Warwick, I was also lucky enough to complete a professional experience placement (prac) at St Saviour's whilst attending USQ.  I look forward to continuing to contribute to the rich tradition of exemplary education that I have witnessed during this time.

Of course, collaboration and communication are both essential aspects when maintaining a thriving school community.  I am commited to continuing to work closely with our dedicated staff, involved parents and engaged students to ensure that we can continue to grow and evolve as a school.  The next Strategic Plan will help drive this and after receiving input from all stakeholders within the community, keep an eye out for publication during Term 4.  

Together, we will continue to make St Saviour's Primary a place where every student can achieve their full potential, and where the sense of community and belonging thrives.

Secondly, an update on the building project that is about to commence.  A contract is very close to being signed with a local building company which is very likely to mean that demountable classrooms will be placed on the school oval during the September holidays or soon after.  These classrooms will be placed where the cricket nets were, so they will not take up any of the green play space.  The 3C class and the library will occupy these buildings whilst the library is being refurbished.  

A reminder that this project includes a new library, a new prep playground, some new early years classrooms, a disability lift and a stop-drop-go area on Lawrence St.  There will be short term pain whilst the building is taking place, the benefits to the St Saviour's Community will be tremendous.  I thank you all for your understanding and look forward to providing further updates in the near future.

If you are lucky enough to get a break during the upcoming school holidays, enjoy your time off. I look forward to Term 4 and the learning that will take place.

Sam Hannant

Family Book Club

Make a reading project in your home over the break and read The Trials of Morrigan Crow – Book 1 of the Nevermoor series by Jessica Townsend as a family. We will meet to chat about the story on Monday 9th Oct. (week 2) in the 5H classroom around 3.20pm. 

Holiday Reading Resources 

  • Students have library books for the holidays. Please encourage your students to read regularly over the break and share the joy of a story or fact-finding session with them. 
  • Storybox Library Login: ssp, Password: stories offers a range of great stories read aloud and with captions. 
  • Britannica School Login: stsaviour Passcode: sspsqld provides articles, images and websites on real world topics at a primary school level. 
  • ClickView Login: school username has videos, TV programs and movies for primary school students. 

Term 3 Highlights 

We celebrated amazing Australian books identified by the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) all term. We had fun with our dress–up parade, “Read, Grow, Inspire” class pots and our reading vines and reading tree.  

The messages of kindness, true friendship, being ourselves and the need to walk in another person’s shoes were shared with our students as they participated in the “WAY TOO COOL” performance from e-Perform.  

Term 4 Reading

  • Year 5 – 6 will be writing a short review of their chosen book to post in AccessIT for future students to read. Students have the holidays to read their chosen title. 
  • First few chapter read alouds will continue for Years 4 – 6 
  • Story-time for our younger students is part of their library session 

Browse and Borrowing in Term 4

  • Students must have a waterproof bag to transport library loans home. The library is no longer providing plastic bags so loans will remain in classrooms until students bring their bags. 
  • All loans will be due in Week 7 and continuing students are invited to borrow for the summer holidays in Week 8. 
  • Stay tuned for updates on library borrowing across the term as we will be relocating for refurbishment work at some stage. 

Thanks to our Term 3 Volunteers

Thanks to our volunteer coverers Donna Enders, Merryl Nunn and Tarsha Scotts. Feel free to chat to the library staff if you are interested in learning to cover new books. 

Happy Holiday Reading Everyone 

Anne Anderson 

Teacher Librarian 

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy Week 10, it is hard to believe we are done and dusted with Term 3 already! This week I’ve completed a self-reflection as part of my review as my Middle Leader Role comes to a close in 2023. It has been such a great process to reflect on the last 3 years and think about what we have achieved together here at St Saviour’s Primary school. This is certainly not the whole list, but here are a few highlights I feel so proud of within our teaching and learning space from 2021 - 2023.


  1. Learner Qualities

A key focus across the school has been to develop a common language of learning. This has been achieved through our Learner Qualities. Our students refer to these qualities daily and they have become a tool to support them in their learning. Whether it is about being determined when learning is hard, or being creative when coming up with a number of ideas for a STEM task, our students and staff are certainly familiar with these qualities and are using them all the time!


  1. Progress over achievement

We have focussed on the importance of celebrating progress over achievement. Learning is about moving forward from where we were, so there should be more emphasis on getting better whilst on our learning journey, rather than being the best. We are in the process of creating a school specific learning pit and we have imbedded the ‘Phoenix Award’ as two examples of how we celebrate progress.


  1. Teacher Coaching

One of the things I believe has had a positive impact, is the opportunity for coaching to be imbedded across our school. We have had 5 impact coaches this year, who have all worked with the teaching staff to focus on a particular area of need for their students. The teacher has brought along a short video from their lesson and done a reflection to work out what the current needs are for their learners. With the support of a coach, they design an action plan which usually involves introducing a successful teaching strategy to target a particular area. Then, they work on this over 6 or so weeks then meet with their coach again with post data to see how the students have improved. It has been an absolute privilege to be involved in this process and I see such value in what it gives our students and of course our teachers.


The old phrase ‘It takes a village’, is so true when it comes to teaching and learning within a school. We couldn’t have such positive outcomes without the support of the teachers, school officers, parents and students!

Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends, wishing you a restful break!

Warm Regards

Nicki Prentice

Acting Assistant Principal in Administration

On Tuesday 29 August, two St Saviour's Primary teams competed at the Primary Teams Chess Competition at Toowoomba Christian College in Highfields with over 400 children.  Our novice team, Randuli, Maddie, Jivanthy and Levi won 4 out of their 6 rounds and came 18th out of a pool of 42 teams.  Our Open Team - Liam, Hari, Sam and Jaishan won 4 out of 7 rounds and placed 18th out of 69. 

Fantastic effort by everyone and congratulations to all our teams.  Special thanks to Mrs McHugh for supervising the children on the day.


Drama Fest 2023 

What an exciting time we had at the Drama Fest Finals on Wednesday! Congratulations to all students who competed in the Semi-Finals and Finals on their dedication in preparing for their performances.  It was thoroughly entertaining, and so inspiring to see you in character captivating your audience. Our guest adjudicators

Mrs Jo Cosgrove (past teacher) and Mrs Sandra Neal were most impressed with the high standard. We are so grateful to Mrs McVeigh for her vision, creativity, skill and time in organizing this hugely successful event and providing this invaluable opportunity for our school community. It was wonderful for all students to be able to participate in singing with their year levels in between the performances. Congratulations also to our Choir who enjoyed the opportunity to perform at the Drama Fest Finals, too.   

Term 4 Performance Dates  

There are a number of performances and events coming up in Term 4. Our first Choir rehearsal for Term 4 will be in Week 1 on Wednesday 4 November, 7:45am in the Music room. We are looking forward to the next opportunity for our choir to sing at St Patrick’s Cathedral. In Term 4 Week 5, St Saviour’s Primary School will host the Leadership Forum for the Toowoomba Catholic Schools. Our choir has been invited to participate at a special Mass as part of the Leadership Forum on Tuesday 31st October. More details including permission forms via Sentral will come in Term 4.  

Please see below a list of key dates from the Term 4 calendar:  

  • Choir Rehearsals: Week 1 – 8: Wednesday mornings in Music room (7:45am – 8:30am)
  • Choir sings at Leadership Forum Mass: Week 4 –  Tuesday 31st October (approx. 5pm – 6pm) 
  • Year 6 Drama Performance/Plays: Week 6 – Wednesday 8 November (11:15am – 12:45pm)
  • SSPS Christmas Concert (Prep – Year 6): Week 8 – Wednesday 22 November (5pm – 7:30pm)
  • Prep Nativity Play: Week 9 – Tuesday 28 November (8:45am – 9:15am)  

Further information about these events will be forthcoming next term. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. We look forward to seeing you in Term 4.  

Kathryn Stewart 

Music Teacher  


Congratulations to our Weekly Award Winners for Week 8 & 9


Term 4:

The first day of Term 4 is Tuesday October 3.  Monday is a Public Holiday.

Office Hours - School Holidays:

The office will be open throughout the school holidays from 9am - 12pm each day.

School Fee and Camp Fees:

School Fees are now overdue.  

Camp Fees for Year 5 & 6 are due on Wednesday 4 October.  

Summer Uniform:

At the commencement of Term 4, all children are to be wearing full summer uniform.  

Uniform requirements are available on the school website to view. 


As Term 3 draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents and caregivers who continually do the right thing when it comes to driving around our school at the correct speed limit of 40k per hour.  We apprecaite you doing the right thing.  Our Crossing Supervisors acknowledge you and notice when you are all doing the right thing.  Thankyou for keeping our children safe.  With one Term to go, please continue to do the right thing.  We know how busy it can be at pick up and drop off but together we can all keep our beautiful school community safe.  

2024 Enrolment Intentions:

Current families we are asking you to complete the link below to indicate if your child is returning in 2024.  Thankyou.

Prep 2025:

Enrolment applications are now being taken for Prep 2025.  Please submit your Prep 2025 application via the link on the website.

Dear Parents and Carers

This week I attended two Professional development days which focused on presenting meaningful and engaging Student Retreats. It highlighted the need for students to be presented with frequent and purposeful encounters with God. Our core purpose at SSPS is to teach students the Catholic faith traditions and rituals by allowing them the opportunities to learn about concepts, listen and share stories, and take part in rituals which allow them to experience quiet moments that draw them closer to a God who loves them unconditionally.

Please join us this Sunday for our School/Parish Family Mass – Sunday August 27th at 9am St Patrick’s Cathedral. All welcome!

Date claimer! Mercy Day, Grandparent’s morning & Open classroom

Week 10 – Thursday 14th September. Below is an outline of the morning. We look forward to celebrating the special Grandparents in our community.

8.30am Students in classes

9.30am Whole school Mass at The Cathedral – All welcome!

10.30am Morning tea on the oval with students sitting in sports houses. Grandparents and their grandchildren are invited to eat Morning Tea together in the Mercy Centre, boulder area or end of library.

11.15am Middle session spent with visitors and Grandparents in classrooms with students showing their learning with a STEM focus

12.30pm Goodbye and thankyou to our special visitors.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


Thursday lunch times at SSPS in our Wellbeing Room includes activites for all our children to enjoy.  Last week our children loved doing "Cosmic Yoga" - photos attached.  

This week we will be doing all things LEGO! Our Wellbeing Room is a great alternative from playing outside and we encourage as many children to visit and be part of the fun.  

Dear Parents and Carers, 

This term our students have been presenting our Learner Qualities at Assembly each week.  It has been wonderful to see the diverse way our Learner Qualities are being embedded across our school. 

A reminder you can use our Learner Qualities at home as well.  Here are a few ideas: 

  • If your child has to solve a challenging Maths problem - encourage them to be determined. They might need to attempt the task a few times before they get the right answer. 
  • If your child asks an interesting question you could encourage curiosity by researching the answer together. eg. Why don't emu's fly? 
  • Use 'Be a Thinker' when your child is stuck on reading a tricky word - what strategies could you try? eg. Stretchy Snake.

Thanks for reading, 

Bec Thomas 

Parents and carers have a vital role in helping children to develop and understand their feelings and behaviours.  Social and emotional skills develop over time and different children develop them at different rates.  While students learn skills for social and emotional wellbeing at school, children initially learn relationship skills and a sense of self from their early interactions with parents and carers. These foundational skills are essential to development and support a sense of wellbeing, as well as accomplishment.  Children need help from parents and caregivers to learn how to manage their feelings and learn what is appropriate behaviour for certain situations. They also need help to learn how to be social and develop friendships with others.  Below are some strategies to help guide you to build these skills at home.  

  • Teach relaxation skills (e.g. slow breathing, shake off angry feelings)  
  • Teach productive ways to express emotions (e.g. drawing, playing with playdough, listening to music)    
  • Encourage activities to increase positive feelings (e.g. exercise, positive social experiences, good sleeping and eating habits)  
  • Spend quality time together talking and having fun through play  
  • Support your child to understand facial expressions and body language  
  • Name feelings by encouraging children to use words to say what they feel and need  
  • Teach self-control and to be flexible, in their responses to situations   


If you would like more ideas or support to adopt these strategies at home, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Alternatively, for further information and resources you can also visit:  

Social Emotional Development ( 

Helping kids identify and empress feelings ( 

Social emotional development for pre-schoolers ( 

SSPS Wellbeing Hub 

As a school, we look forward to continuing the conversation about happiness and student wellbeing during Week 9 as we celebrate Wellbeing Week 

Anne Woodcroft-Brown

School Counsellor

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