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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for enrolment for my child?

What school fees will I be charged and how can I pay?

What is the Parent Engagement Charter?

Catholic Schools commit to nurturing active partnerships with families and providing parents with opportunities to engage meaningfully in the life of the school community. The student's learning journey is enriched through positive and reciprocal relationships.

Parents naturally have a keen interest in their child's learning. However, for the vast majority, contact with school as a 'parent' is a new experience and this can be quite daunting. Toowoomba Catholic Schools (TCS) has developed this Charter to aid parents as they navigate the school environment and become fluent in the 'language of school'.

What if my child does not have a hat at school?

Children are to wear a hat at all times when outside the classroom. Children without hats must remain in the shaded lunch area. At St Saviour’s Primary School there is a NO HAT, NO PLAY policy.

Can my child bring a mobile phone to school?

Students are only permitted to have a mobile phone at school if a parent/guardian has written a note giving the child permission to have it. The phone must be handed in to the school office during the school day. There is a school phone for students to contact their parents during the day if necessary. Students will receive an appropriate consequence if phones are found in the classroom areas. This also applies for other electrical devices including but not exclusive to iPods, iPads, etc.

Where can I get a booklist from?

Booklists are available from the school office or online from Browns Office Choice. Booklists for the following year are made available during the middle of Term 4.

My child has lost something at school. What happens to lost property and how can I minimise the chances of this happening again?

We understand how frustrating it is when you child loses something at school. The school does what it can to ensure that lost property is returned to its owner.

For your information, the current lost property process is:

  • Lost property is put in the lost property tub located in the Mercy Centre.

  • At least once a week, student representatives from Year 6 sort through lost property and any clothing items which are named are returned to the students.
  • Any non clothing items (eg. water bottles, lunch boxes) are displayed on the lost property table in the Mercy Centre until the end of term and then donated to charity.

  • Any clothing items which are not named are displayed on the lost property table in the Mercy Centre until the end of term and then will be donated to charity.

Please remember, given that uniform items look the same it can be very easy for a child to mistake an item as their own and mistakes happen.

There are a number of ways you can increase your chances of having a lost item returned to you.

  • Please make sure your child’s name is clearly marked on their property. Put your name not only on the label of the item, but also somewhere inside the clothing. Iron on labels work well for this.

  • Please reiterate to your child to take care of their possessions and check that an item is theirs when they pick it up.

  • If you find an item that doesn’t belong to your child in your child’s school bag, please return it promptly to the classroom teacher, the student who has lost it (if you know the student) or into the lost property tub in the office.

Can you tell me about student leadership at St Saviour's Primary School?

A boy and girl are selected as Captains and Vice-Captains of the school.  Two students are also selected as house captains of each of the House Colours at the beginning of the year.  These House Colours are: Xavier (blue), Gorretti (red), McCauley (green) and Coolock (yellow).

Student leadership also involves all Year Six students taking leadership responsibility as a member of a leadership group. These groups are organised in negotiation with the students, class teacher and principal.

Some leadership initiatives include:

  • assemblies led by Year 6
  • school leadership camp
  • leadership day
  • year 6 campaign for being elected as a captain
  • year 6 Mass
  • lunch duties and other commitments