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St Saviour's Primary School Toowoomba


Extra-curricular Activities

Chess Club

Chess is an engaging activity that helps develop students' critical thinking skills that helps improve problem solving, decision making and lateral thinking.

Chess Club is offered to students from Years 2 to 6 on a Friday morning and is run by a qualified Chess Coach. Students participating in Chess Club are offered opportunities to participate in Chess Tournaments run locally in Toowoomba throughout the year.


Making music accessible to young children and allowing them to experience the joys of music is an important part of our school Choir. Children from Years 3 to 6 are invited to become a part of this fun group which practices Wednesday mornings before school, directed by the school music teacher/s. The Choir is given opportunities throughout the year to perform at school assemblies, some Sunday church services at St Patrick's Cathedral, SingOut, and Toowoomba Eistedfod.

Fitness Club

Fitness Club is a fun workout program that aims to prepare students for the school cross country at the end of Term 1. It is run before school, twice a week, in Term 1.  


Participating in the school play or musical isn't just fun - it can offer a great chance for children to practice a range of skills. Every second year St Saviour's Primary School participates in a school musical in conjunction with St Saviour's College. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to not only participate in a musical but also develop strong bonds of friendship and collaboration with the older students at the College.

Sacramental Program

Preparation for the first reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation is available through a parish/family based program with the school acting, through its curriculum, in a supporting capacity. Catholic students in Year 4 are invited to participate in the Sacramental Program, with initial letters of invitation going out to students in Term 4 of Year 3. Inquiries concerning Sacramental preparation should be referred to the Parish Office, the Sacramental Team Coordinator or the school APRE.

To learn more about the Sacramental Program click here.


Through STEM students engage creatively in real world problems, applying their understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in integrated and innovative ways. Students are offered opportunities throughout the school year to participate in STEM Club activites utilising various technologies such as 3D printers, drones and robotics.