Welcome to
St Saviour's Primary School Toowoomba


Vision for Learning and Teaching

As part of our commitment to providing our students with a well-rounded education, St Saviour’s Primary School offers a diverse range of subjects and academic support structures to enhance learning opportunities.

Our teachers plan programs consistent with the Learning Area Curriculum, General Capabilities and Cross Curricular Priorities, as outlined by Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). This is guided by the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Vision, the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Learning and Teaching Framework and our own school’s Vision for Learning and Teaching. A Middle Leader assists all classroom teachers with the development of school programs.

To support classroom teachers, a number of specialist teachers provide students with expertise in given areas. These areas include Health and Physical Education, Music and Drama, Language Other Than English (LOTE – Indonesian) and Library skills. In addition, St Saviour’s Primary School has several Support Teachers – Learning Support Teachers (LST) and English as a Second Language Teacher (ESLT) who provide support for students who have diverse educational needs.

Teachers at St Saviour’s Primary Schools are progressive in their attitudes towards educational change and are constantly updating through professional development to enhance teaching and learning. The curriculum development process is, therefore, one of continual review and refinement. 
Along with Religious Education, Numeracy and Literacy remain the fundamental components of education at St Saviour’s Primary School.

Our teaching and learning program challenges our students and rewards diligence and academic excellence. We value what happens in the classroom and our culture reflects this endeavour.

The Learning Areas are:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts
  • Digital and Design Technologies and
  • Cultural Literacy and Languages - Indonesian

The General Capabilities are:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social competence
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Intercultural understanding.

The Cross Curricular Priorities are:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
  • Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia
  • Sustainability