Welcome to
St Saviour's Primary School Toowoomba


A message from the Principal

St Saviour’s Primary, the oldest Catholic primary school in the Toowoomba Diocese, in strong partnership with the Parish Priest and parish community, is recognised for proudly offering a quality inclusive Catholic Education.  As the school has grown and changed it has continued to build on the traditions established by the Sisters of Mercy.  Their spirit of compassion and justice continues to flow through the total school community and is further strengthened by the traditions established by the parents, staff and children over the past one hundred and fifty-five years, living the school motto of ‘Strive for Goodness’.  

Feelings of empowerment, optimism and achievement are contagious. At St Saviour’s Primary School we provide an environment that enables children to flourish. 

Situated in the heart of the parish of St Patrick’s Cathedral, is a thriving co-educational school community of approximately 400 students. We offer a well-balanced Catholic education for both boys and girls from Prep to Year Six. 

The success of St Saviour’s Primary School is because of the partnership between staff and parents.  Parental involvement is essential.  The presence of parents and caregivers reinforces to our students that we value their learning.  St Saviour’s Primary welcomes and encourages parents to be involved and to stay informed through participation in the School Board, Parish life, Parents & Friends Association, volunteering in the classroom, the tuckshop, Support-a-Reader programs and many other opportunities. 

St Saviour’s Primary School offers the latest in teaching and learning, technology, extra curricular activities, and the benefits of being a high quality inclusive Catholic school.  We take pride in the spirit that can be found in our students, teachers, sporting teams, achievements, friendships and approach to learning. 

We offer our students a holistic education that encourages personal growth based on the values: compassion, commitment, quality and service. We encourage students to develop a knowledge of other cultures, languages and environmental and social issues.  

St Saviour’s Primary is proud of our team of professional, dedicated teachers and staff who are providing students with exciting learning experiences in a caring and safe community.  

Building on this educational story - spanning over one hundred and fifty-five years and being the educational leader of this fine school is both a privilege and a challenge.  I look forward to the opportunity to be part of the story of St Saviour’s Primary School and to contribute to the school's ongoing development in partnership with each member of the school community.  

I invite you to read more about our school on our website or to come along and visit our school in the heart of Toowoomba. 

Mr Sam Hannant (Principal)